My father introduced me to the world of birding when I was 5. I began keeping a lifelist in 1976. By age 14, I had seen about 400 different species of birds, mostly in my home state of Texas.

I began digiscoping birds in 2000, with a 3 megapixel point and shoot. I quickly gave that up. In 2005, I broke down and bought my first DSLR. Today I own lenses ranging from 24 mm to 600mm, six camera bodies, and all sorts of equipment I didn't know existed prior to 2005. Who knew pinto beans would be part of my most used camera gear?!

My main focus in life is bird photography, but I continue to keep a life list of birds, mostly on sheets of paper spread randomly throughout my house. My ABA list is somewhere near 700, +/- 30, but I'm not sure I care anymore. I find joy in spending hours upon hours with some very common birds, and can't seem to get enough of the many species of owls that live in the United States.

When I am not photographing birds, I am spending time with my wife and two sons. Or I'm planning my next trip to photograph birds.

I hope you enjoy the photos on my site. If you have any questions, please get in touch.